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Deadline near: Thom Hall



The deadline to reserve a seat to hear registrar Thom Hall, who knows more about the Arkansas Arts Center's drawing collection than anyone else in the known universe, talk before the Fine Arts Club Feb. 7 is tomorrow, Feb. 3. To reserve, call 396-0322.

Hall will talk about the collection's beginnings in 1971 under Townsend Wolfe and show slides of work in the collection, including the first three acquisitions: Drawings by Andrew Wyeth, Willem de Kooning and Morris Graves.

I hope Hall will talk about Wolfe's decision to acquire the Wyeth drawing, "Snowflakes," which features a black man. Wolfe made the first moves to integrate the activities at the Arts Center, and I wonder if he deliberately chose this particular Wyeth to further his ideal of an inclusive Arts Center. I'll find out at the lecture.

"The Arkansas Arts Center Drawing Collection: Who, What and Why" starts with coffee at 10:45 a.m., talk at 11 a.m. and is followed by lunch. The coffee and lecture is $10 to non-members, free to members; lunch afterwards is $35 for members and guests.

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