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Big Boi to Hendrix




Start scrolling through your cell phone for Hendrix students to woo, beg or blackmail. The private Conway college is bringing yet another big-time show to the Worsham Performance Hall.

It's Big Boi.

And there's talk about bringing young Alabama emcee (and Big Boi collaborator) Yelawolf along as an opener.

Friday, March 4 could be a night to tell the grandkids about. If you can get in, that is.

Nicole Beachum, Assistant Director of Student Activities, tells us that the school is leaning towards opening the show to students and guests only, as has been the school's general policy for years. But here's the silver lining: There's a possibility that the school could decide to release a limited number of tickets—she guesses around 100 or 150—for the public-at-large.

Last April, we checked out Clipse on the campus and were shocked to find that less than 100 people showed up for the concert. Maybe the monsoon that night outside kept students cooped up in their dorm rooms. Maybe Hendrix just isn't into coke rap. Regardless, with such a small crowd, you have to assume that the powers that were took a huge blow to the wallet.

It's hard to imagine that the hall wouldn't fill clean up if the school was to open up tickets to the public. Heck, they could even turn some of the excess profit over to charity. Or a scholarship fund. Or a nest egg to blow on booking Jay-Z in 2012.

How's about it, Hendrix?

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