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'Norwood' streaming on Netflix




Hey guys! So I've been out since Sunday on account of a busted back (hence my absence from blog and Tweet action), but during my adventures while laid out on a hardwood floor, I stumbled across a gem on Netflix in "Norwood," the ipso facto sequel to the original "True Grit."

Released a year after the success of "True Grit," "Norwood" features Glen Campbell and Kim Darby returning(with "Broadway Joe" Namath on board) to the big screen in another movie based on a Charles Portis novel, his first. As far as I can find, "Norwood" has never been released on DVD and any video copies floating around are dubbed and unofficial.

Goofy? Sure. Dated? It would seem so. But for fans of the local, reclusive author, it's an oddity worth exploring.

I've only watched the first ten minutes, but so far I can vouch for a joke about Stamps, Arkansas, an old-ass Stuckey's and a young Dom DeLuise chumping it up, hilariously, as Bill Bird, one of Portis' great Yankee goobers.

Check it out here.

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