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It is, undoubtably, Girl Scout Cookie Time. Year after year the addiction is fed, just for a short amount of time. The fortunate have freezers and ample money to stick back boxes to be enjoyed during all seasons. The less fortunate scramble to get what they can while the precious rounds are still available and hoard them until they are gone. For most folks I know, it's the Samoa that's the prize — the coconut and chocolate confection that disappears almost instantly. For me it's always been the Thin Mint... smooth chocolate and minty essence in that chocolatey cookie, though I really miss the days when Thin Mints had a plain (not chocolate) cookie base.

Got yours yet? You could go to the Girl Scout Cookie website and look up someone from there. Or better yet — the offer is out on Eat Arkansas' Facebook fan page. If your daughter's selling cookies, put your information there. And if you're looking for a Girl Scout who needs a buyer for the irresistable cookies, look one up. But don't wait long — I believe the last day is Sunday.

And if you have an extra box of Tagalongs... send them to Chez Robinson...

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