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Friday To-Do: Honky




8 p.m., Downtown Music Hall. $10.

Go ahead. Your mom told you not to judge a book by its cover, but chances are your mom never heard of Honky. The Texas trio sounds exactly like you'd expect. And it's not a bad thing. Rather, it ain't no bad thang. They're the sound of trailer park hedonism, an awesomely pungent hick-punk brew that sounds like flat beer and ditch weed smells. Formed by J.D. Pinkus after the psychedelic shock-rock of his old band, the inimitable Butthole Surfers, fizzled out, Honky has gigged since 1996, crisscrossing the country while remaining a boozy mainstay on their native Austin, Texas, stages. Now with Bobby Ed Landgraf (guitarist for notorious X-rated R&B geriatric Blowfly) on guitar and Little Rock's Justin Collins (of Go Fast and the late, great The Looks) on drums, Honky's still at it, churning out so-stupid-it's-gotta-be-smart tracks like "Walkin' on Moonshine," "Love to Smoke Yr Weed" and tons of others that make a great soundtrack for getting spun on Mini Thins and siphoning gas from your mama's Geo Metro before she gets back from her Skoal run. Honky gets support from a gang of like-minded Little Rockers with throwback punk Outstanding Red Team, psychobilly staples Josh the Devil & the Sinners and the testosterone bomb known to locals as the Tom Sweet Band.

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