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Rebecca Sittler Schrock: "A Spectacle and Nothing Strange"




The University of Arkansas at Little Rock today opens an exhibit of work by California photographer Rebecca Sittler Schrock, and if the images sent to me of her work are any indication, this ought to be a super show. Her photograph of stacked donuts (above), for example, has so much going for it: palette, texture, a strangely beautiful composition of sugared donuts casting a shadow against a wall.

Schrock's statement from a news release from UALR:

“I work at home in a quiet communication with objects, domestic spaces and light. As the light changes, I alter the objects physically, change their spatial relationships, or give them personalities within a suggested narrative. I work intuitively in order to cultivate shifting metaphors and associations — constructing images through a process similar to automatic writing. I often invest objects with narrative potential, suggest complexities of interpersonal relationships or pose questions concerning the nature of photography.”

The show title, by the way, is from a poem by Gertrude Stein. I suppose there is nothing strange about donuts in a kitchen, until you stack them against a wall and make a spectacle of them.

The show runs through Feb. 13 in Gallery II.

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