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Today on Twitter: T.I., Beefheart, Al Gree-mix




* T.I. got in trouble over the weekend in prison in Forrest City for getting "frisky" with his wife.

* Listened to the new Goines mixtape yet? Try out the Black Keys-sampling "That's Me" for a dose of Vitamin Swag.

* "Alert: Dead Birds Now Showing Up on Prime-Time-TV Shows" [via Vulture]

* Discovery just posted months worth live recordings from DJ Kramer. Streaming podcasts for your rolling pleasure.

* Al Green swerve anthem "Simply Beautiful" gets a dub remix courtesy of Brit producer George Lenton.

* Speaking of remixes, Al Lover shook up "Safe as Milk," the Captain Beefheart masterpiece, with a little beat-juggling, hip-hop swagger to make "Safe as Milk Replica." Dilla fans, don't miss it.

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