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Slick Rick
  • Slick Rick

We try not to give in to the picture of the small-town hayseed, slack-jawing at the big-city others strolling into town, but this year tested our steel. Director/vintner/demi-god Francis Ford Coppola was spied around town for the second time in two years. This trip, he was picking up his private jet, a Falcon 7X, at the Falcon finishing center. The notoriously reclusive Dave Chappelle stayed in town for an undisclosed amount of time, churning the local rumor mill into overdrive. Filmmaker/musician (and Coppola leading man) Vincent Gallo played a last-minute gig at Juanita's with his band, RRIICCEE, before shutting down White Water Tavern. Rap godfather Slick Rick landed in Little Rock to celebrate a birthday with local promoter Chris Bowen. And on the trash TV side of the spectrum, Jose Canseco and his increasingly floppier arms boxed UALR baseball coach Gary Hogan a few months before Angelina Pivarnick of "Jersey Shore" infamy took to North Little Rock, trash-texting Snookie with one hand and drinking vodka with the other.

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