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Hollanda Luceria
  • Hollanda Luceria

Wherein, we stick odds and ends.

New Mann. Amidst a nauseating number of puns on his last name, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra introduced its bright, new music director, Philip Mann.

New prehistoric bird. Hollanda luceria, a prehistoric bird identified earlier this year, was named in part for Lucero. The newly identified species most closely resembles the modern Southern Screamer, which perhaps led scientists to think of lead singer (and Little Rock native) Ben Nichols' voice.

New books. Highlights include former Oxford American editor Paul Reyes' tour de force account of the housing crisis, as seen from the ground, "Exiles of Eden"; C.D. Wright's affecting blend of poetry and reportage, "One with Others"; Janie and Wyatt Jones' zany guide book "Arkansas Curiosities"; Tom Dillard's encyclopedic take on "Statesmen, Scoundrels, and Eccentrics" in Arkansas; Rick Bass' "Nashville Chrome," a fictionalized account of Arkansas's first family of country, The Browns; and Jay Jennings' insightful and carefully reported racial history of Little Rock, "Carry the Rock: Race, Football and the Soul of an American City."

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