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EarFear 'Geeks' out on new album




He may look cool and intimidating, but local rap god 607's geekiness may be Little Rock's worst-kept secret. His well-known affection for Fiona Apple is dorkier than it is curious and his "Palingraph" is a mind-blowing exercise in some egg-headed language dweebery. I can't speak at length for Bobby, his brother and second emcee in EarFear, but his Lewis Carrol theatrics in this year's Musicians Showcase makes me suspect there's a strong dork streak in the DNA.

Now they're publicizing it with their new, leet-speak album, "G33KS G0N3 W!LD," the third EarFear release in half a year and the only one with geek-flaunting lines like "it seems i couldn't help being a geek—it was in my genes/but i was still poor in the hood, my nigga you know what i mean."

One spin in and it may be my favorite EarFear release so far. Check out "Gas Station," "Facebook Fraud" and "Yeeuh N!99@."

Take the album for a free spin here.

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