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FLUFFY:  Ms. Lenas Banana Cream Pie
Ah, perfection. That’s one of Ms. Lena’s famed pies, courtesy of Viv Barnhill. Banana cream, as can be evidenced by the “B” in the meringue. A lovely, wonderful thing.

You can order your own pies from Ms. Lena’s for $13 each (a few like egg custard and strawberry are a wee bit more) and impress the heck out of your company at Christmas. Call (870) 998-7217 — the store’s open Thursday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

So I was talking with Viv about the pies and Thanksgiving — and she mentioned people were coming to her door on Thanksgiving morning, looking for pie. Which, being Thanksgiving, she had none of — none that had not been claimed. Kinda got me to thinking about pre-ordering.

It might just be December 6th, but that’s just 19 days until Christmas. And if you’re planning to have someone else provide part of your meal or a food gift you wish to share — you’d best get your order in, like, yesterday.

A reminder, then — you can find a whole lot of those great ideas for pies, meats and food related gifts through last year’s food gift guide. Questions? Drop me a line at kat@tiedyetravels.com.

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