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Weekend To-Do: "The Controversy of Valladolid"


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7:30 p.m., The Weekend Theater. $14.

The Weekend Theater isn't a house to stray too far from productions with heavy themes, especially when human rights are involved. Their latest offering, "The Controversy of Valladolid," follows the infamous deliberations in 16th century Spain in which the Catholic Church debated whether indigenous Americans were mere savages or actual humans, worthy of the same theological consideration as, well, whitey. It's a period piece with courtroom drama underpinnings, but don't let that dissuade you. "Valladolid" is a psychopolitical thriller at its core. Think "Law & Order: Soul Quantifying Unit." The topic may be half a millennia old, but with all the condom and sex abuse controversies latched onto headlines out of the Vatican, it should have little problem being relevant today. The play runs through Dec. 18.


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