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Shocker at F'ville




Looks like the Walton Arts Center will either a) move to Bentonville or b) move to Bentonville. Details to come from Fayetteville Underground, which is tweeting the meeting. B would involve keeping the WAC in Fayetteville under Walton control. building a new 600 theater. (Image above tweeted by Ozarks Unbound.)

No surprise here. Walton Foundation said it wouldn't be sending the WAC any big bucks if it didn't move to Bentonville.

In the unlikely chance that you haven't been to the Arkansas Blog, Max has been writing about this today, focusing on Fayetteville attorney's opinion that WAC can't move since Fay-ville taxpayers taxed themselves to build it in their city.

Update: Here's the plan. On the website immediately after the vote. So the WAC, when it refused to release any information yesterday on the plans because it said there were none, was a) not telling the truth and b) in violation of state law that says public institutions must do their work in public. Or perhaps there was a web person at the board meeting posting the results of the board vote the instant it happened ... Do you think that is the case? Of course it's not.

Secrecy in an institution created with the help of public money: It's an insult. Peter Lane et al ought to be ashamed.

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