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Tuesday: Whale Fire, David's Pegasus, Joe Firstman




Things we're thankful for:
1. It's a holiday week, so, if you're lucky, tonight's a Friday night.
2. We're broke, but it's okay because tonight's full of "pay what you can" shows.
3. We're broke, but it's okay because we've been looking for an excuse to have to drink one—just one—of those 12.0% alcohol content cans of "Tilt" (AKA "LR Loko") that have been staring at us in the liquor store. Our inner 21-year old wants one—still just one—but our widening man gut requires, like, MGD 64 or something.

Sticky Fingerz holds a "pay what you can" night with local sunshine-pop act Whale Fire, ramblin', harmonic Americana from Troubadour and a solo set from prolific local singer/songwriter Matt Anders, 9:30 p.m., still "pay what you can."

It's another donations night at White Water Tavern with the spacey Fayettevillians of David's Pegasus co-headlining the night's bill with Hot Springs spazz-rockers Cold Mold, 10 p.m., donations.

Joe Firstman, the former leader for the "Last Call with Carson Daly" house band, plays a surprisingly not awful brand of chill-brocore (all rights reserved) that toes the line between Counting Crows and Cory Branan. He's supported by Nashville's up-and-coming Trey Lockerbie and Marianne Kelly, 6:30 p.m., free.

And if don't like looking as much as being looked at, karaoke's everywhere tonight: Cornerstone Pub & Grill, Prost, Town Pump, Denton's Trotline.

(With everyone still plugged into the new Girl Talk album, here's our Rock Candy Protip of the Day: use the karaoke game against itself and mash shit up. Order up, say, Hall and Oates, rap B.I.G. over it. Voila. "You Make My Juice Come True." Go start a party. Or redefine "fail" at your favorite bar.)

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