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Saturday To-Do: Kurt Vile and the Violators


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10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.

Philly's new favorite indie rock son has certainly earned his spot in the upper echelons of lo-fi indie rock royalty. He's nothing if not tenacious. Writing and recording music since junior high, Kurt Vile released a flood of homemade CD-Rs during his 20s before finally picking up traction in the blogosphere and finding himself in the middle of rock royalty after being signed to Matador Records. His sound oscillates back and forth from delicate, finger-picked acoustic dirges, all dunked in reverb, to stomping New York City rockers ala Richard Hell. What's admirable about the songwriter is the way he's managed to stay relevant for so long in the fickle-by-nature indie rock spotlight. Though one to usually tour solo, Vile visits Little Rock with The Violators, the Crazy Horse to his Gen-iTunes' Neil Young. A list of openers fill out the bill with dark, blown-out '70s stoner metal from fellow Philadelphians Purling Hiss, art-garage from Fayetteville with Niall, shoegaze-pop courtesy of one of my favorite local acts, Pink Drapes, and catchy, clever anti-folk from house show all-stars No Hickeys.

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