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Sunday To-Do: The Felice Brothers




8:30 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.

Around the 0:35 mark of "Hey Hey Revolver," a wobbly, melancholic dirge off The Felice Brothers' third album, the song goes silent for a split second before cueing back up with the sound of thunder in the left channel. As it happened, Mother Nature was so pleased with what she heard in the roots revivalists' new sessions that she high-fived the decrepit studio with a bolt of lightning. And that's just the type of organic alchemy that's churned out by The Felice Brothers, made up of the three brothers Felice and a 22-year-old former traveling dice thrower. Through the band's thread of seven albums (released in five years!), the four-piece has become one of the most-vaulted creators of whiskey and pain pills country, earning legions of fans in America and embraced by the Brits and their insatiable appetite for everything rustic and rural. The upstate New Yorkers are joined by Adam Haworth Stephens, the folk/blues melody maker best known for his time as one half of Saddle Creek Records duo Two Gallants.

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