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Tuesday To-Do: 'The Godfather'


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7 p.m., Market Street Cinema. $5

Films, by the nature and definition of the word, should be seen on the big screen, with a roomful of people being drawn in to the talking, moving, acting figures projected onto the screen. Sure, you won't miss out on the full "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" experience by watching it for the umpteenth time on your blown-out 14" Sanyo, but for sprawling, cinematic epics that define "classic" like "The Godfather," you owe it to yourself to take it in with a proper theatrical viewing. Unfortunately, repertory theaters are nowhere to be found in Arkansas, leaving local cinephiles with precious few opportunities to see the greats the way they were meant to be seen. But with this, the latest installment of KARN and Market Street Cinema's invaluable monthly "classics" series, our local art-house is offering up the chance to see (spoiler alert) Luca Brasi get strangled, Sonny get riddled with bullets and Kay get betrayed the way Coppola intended.

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