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Saturday To-Do: 'Seven Deadly Sins'




9 p.m., Discovery. $20.

This Halloween, Disco's not just coasting by on its reputation as the place where all the sexy nurses go to get down. The dance club's putting up $1,000 for a costume contest, bringing in six DJs and continuing its rollout of a new DJ format. You'll recognize the change as soon as you step into the club's lobby, where the grinding hordes have long congregated for hip-hop jams. No more. Now the lobby's about Top 40 house music, dubstep and indie. The techno room remains the same, but with bigger and better lighting. After a special Halloween drag show and the culmination of the costume contest, the theater will transform — with lighting and massive video screens — into the hip-hop room. Grind on, y'all. DJs Balance, Jared Lawler, SleepyGenius, Michael Shane, Justin Sane and Big Brown will be spread throughout the venue. Last year, the club turned folks away at the door late in the evening, so don't tarry.

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