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An interview with 'Jersey Shore' Angelina




My fascination with "Jersey Shore" is no secret, so when I had the opportunity to interview Angelina Pivarnick, the show's outspoken, love-her-or-hate-her villain, I jumped at the chance. But what was supposed to be a quick interview over a drink turned into a two-hour talk-a-thon between myself, John Earney, co-interviewer, occasional Times writer and fellow "Shore" fanatic, and the notorious beeyotch who turned out to be, well, kind of a grade-A sweetheart.

All this while 6.1 million people were tuning into MTV for the show's season finale. Surreal.

Check out our interview after the jump.

What’s going on now that you’re through with “Jersey Shore?”

I’m flying out to Denver tomorrow, doing Wendy O. Williams in NYC on Wednesday. I’m doing a fashion show Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and I just walked the runway at Fashion Week in New York!

I walked with this little bulldog and, oh my God, it was so funny, There was this girl before me who had to walk with the same dog and the dog jumped off of the stage and her heel flew up in the air and, like, hit someone in the neck and I was like “oh hell, what’s going to go wrong when it’s my turn?” Sure enough, the dog’s strutting with me and then here comes the turn—

The turd? The dog pooped?

No, no, no! The turn! Anyway, the dog walked with me, everyone cheered.

Who’d you walk for?

Fashion 360.

And you’ve got a single in the works?

Yep! “I’m Hot.” Because, you know, in the first season, I’m walking around the house, yelling at Mike, he’s always trying to abuse my weight, the way I look, whatever, and I’m like “shuddup, Mike. I’m hot. I’m all natural, I’m not fake like all these girls you like. I’m hot, I’m hot, I’m hot.” That’s my thing. I’m hot.

I met this guy, a songwriter and producer, I used to bartend with his wife, so he came up with, like, a really catchy song and in the beginning I’m singing, then in the middle I’m rapping, then I’m singing again. It’s really cool.

You know, though, TV really does make me look a little heavier than I really am. Snookie, you know.

Speaking of, so I read celebrity gossip all the time, I’m not gonna lie, and I read this thing where a lot of designer houses are giving Snookie handbags, but they’re not giving her their handbags, they’re giving her other people’s handbags.

Why is that?

Because they don’t want her seen with their handbags.

But, wait, she was telling me that she was getting all these handbags for free from people. So she lied to me then.

I mean, she *is* getting free handbags, it’s just handbags from their competitors. Their rivals, you know? Like, Versace would get them a Dior handbag.

But where would Versace get a Dior handbag from? What? That doesn’t make any sense.

They don’t want pictures of Snookie walking around with their handbags.

Cause it’s an embarrassment?


Oh! I get it. Yeah, if I was a designer, I’d be embarrassed to have her rock my line, too.
Rockin’ it with her cooch hanging out.

You know, I saw those nude pictures that came out of her. She was banging. I mean, she was 19, but she was banging.

Oh please. Seriously? I was skinny when I was 19, too. I mean seriously.

What’d you think about the South Park episode?

Oh my God. I was dying. My mom and I were rolling on the frickin’ floor. You know, they showed pictures of all of us, then they stopped on mine. Cut my intro out. And I’m like, hm, I should take it as a good thing. Didn’t get abused.

But you’re still part of the most successful reality show ever, though.

Yeah. But I think I was the victim of a bad edit.

I’m a straight-forward girl. It’s cool to know I was part of this phenomenon, but it’s still like “God, why I couldn’t be cool with them?” sometimes. Like, I cleaned that house. They didn’t show it. They just showed me on the bad days, fighting with people. But hey, drama sells.

And there were happier moments in the middle of filming. But it was a roller coaster in the house. One day I’m cool with Mike, he’s like “you’re like my sister” and the next day me and Pauly get into a fight, then we’re cool. Or Snookie and I would go to the liquor store and we’d get all drunk together and have fun. But after a while, I’d wake up and think “okay, who’s going to pick on me today?”

It just panned out the wrong way for me. It’s kinda crappy that I got the short end of the stick for the show. I’m exceeding in other ways with my own career, but I kinda feel like I should’ve been in with them, not an outcast.

You know, me and Mike were the first two people casted for Jersey Shore. They were basing the show around us, our lives. Then they got Pauly, then J-Woww, then they picked up Snookie because she was already on the “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” show on MTV. The last person they casted was Sammi.

Have you met the new girl in season three?

Ha! Yeaaaah. So I was out at the club in Jersey two weeks ago. And I get taken care of really well nowadays, it’s cool. So we’re hanging out in VIP off stage and all of a sudden I hear a bouncer that’s like “hey, this girl named Deena wants to meet you” and I’m like “wait a sec. I know that name.”

All of a sudden this kid grabs my arm and this girl’s like “Hey. I’m the new roommate.” “Who are you?” She’s trying so hard to tell me who she is until she’s like “I’m the new girl on ‘Jersey Shore.’ You know, the one that replaced you. The upgraded version.”

Bitch, do you want a cookie?

Then she pushes me and I’m like “no, no, no. Can I help you? Touch me one more time and I’m punching you in the face. Like, I’m not trash, but…”

I don’t get it. She’s gonna be on the show, she’s doing interviews trying to degrade me, I don’t get it.

Oh! And I was on TMZ last night! I tweeted that Mike has a coke problem by accident.

Tell me about Jose, the guy you dated in Miami.

(scoffs) He just wanted to be on TV. He told producers that he wanted to be an actor! Didn’t tell me. Like, he was running his own business, financial stuff. I’m thinking “hey, I meet this nice, cute guy in Miami,” but he’s got a kid. He’s got baby mama drama. Kid’s 25 and he’s got a kid. No offense to kids who have kids, but, ugh, I don’t need that.

Oh! And he leaves the Miami house this morning after he slept over. Paparazzi stays outside our house, like, 20 of ‘em every morning, every afternoon, all day, everyday. He walks out of the house, without a shirt on, posing for paparazzi! A, if you wanna be an actor, you don’t pose for paparazzi. He’s flexing, whatever.

And you totally blue-balled Jose on his birthday. Which was hilarious.


Jose. The night he spent over.

Oh yeah! He wanted to bang me every night. But I knew he was in it for the fame! Like, I’m so intuitive. I get it.

Anyway, I hit Jose on Facebook and every word in his status was like “I can’t wait to be on ‘Jersey Shore’,” “you’re about to see your boy on ‘Jersey Shore’,” then when the first episode aired “oh my god, you’re famous,” whatever. Maybe he liked me. He’s all like “I like you for you, blah blah blah.”

I get it. It’s like, the episode where he showed up in the gelato shop in that suit had to have been him thinking he was being crafty, like “oh, this will be a good scene, it’ll make it in the show.”

Yeah. And who buys a watch for a girl the third day they know her? I mean, I still have the watch.

Was that a men’s watch?

No, it’s a girl’s.

It looked like a men’s watch.

Well, it was too big on me.

Speaking of too big, that suit he wore was ridiculous. He looked like he borrowed one from his dad.

Yeah, that was a goofy look.

Okay, what was a day in the life like before the show?

You know, I’ve always been a social girl out in bars and clubs in Staten Island, but I was a dental assistant working full-time for and endodontist, doing root canals, bartending on the weekend.

When I went back to general dentistry after I left the first season, it was kinda tough, working away while all the other kids are out making money, doing club appearances, I was like “what did I do?”

Even though I walked off again this season, I think I made a pretty big impact.

Yeah. It got really tiresome watching Ronnie and Sammi lay around and bicker.

What are they gonna do without me in the show?

You were the firecracker in the powder keg.

And see how Mike’s got no one to pick on now. Whatever. It is what it is.

What's going on now, after the show?

I’m working on my career, “Jersey Shore” was a stepping stone and now I’m trying to branch off into bigger and better things. Like, I’m coming out with that song “I’m Hot,” doing a lot of press, a lot of fashion shows, networking with celebrities, writing that book that I think is gonna be a big hit. Going to be in a movie with Jim Jones, the rapper.

What does the single sound like?

A lot of people say my voice is similar to Britney Spears.

Do you like Britney?

Yeah, I’m a big fan. And I feel her pain. She gets treated like crap, everyone talks about her.

I heard you’re doing celebrity boxing.

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I'm fighting this girl that was on “Frank the Entertainer” on VH1

What’s that?

That’s the thing! No one knows that show! No one’s heard about this girl! We’re fighting because I had a boyfriend before season two—a seaside police officer I met at the shore. This guy goes behind my back and starts talking to this girl because he thought I was cheating. Anyway, she was like “hey, let’s celebrity box!”

But the girl is 5’10”, I’m 5’2”. I’m little, but I’m strong. I’ll take her down. Probably.

Describe your housemates in three words: Vinny.

Mama’s boy. Troublemaker.


Self-centered. Manipulative. Trash-talker

Pauly D.

Nice guy. Problem-starter. He’s cool, though. I think he’s cool


Bully. Trash-talker. She thinks she’s Rocky, this girl.


Self-absorbed. Egotistic. Jealous?


Sammi’s naïve. Very naïve. She’s like a doormat. I tried to be friends with her, we were close, but she didn’t listen.

You knew a few of the guys beforehand, right?

Yeah, I knew Mike and Vinny. Like, I knew Vinny for seven years. Went to high school with Vinny, he used to hang out with me and my girls all the time. He was a sweet kid, not a guy to fight with anyone. Then, all of a sudden, he gets on the show. During the break between the seasons, we’d talk on the phone, we were cool, y’know? Then all of a sudden, MTV was like ‘d’ya wanna come back?’ And Vinny was like “Angelina, I never knew you, we were never friends” and I was like “Vinny, what? I can’t believe you can be that harsh!”

Y’know, my mom works in the restaurant business in Staten Island and so does Vinny’s mom’s boyfriend. They used to work together, so my mom knows people who are in his family and so and so. I just can’t believe a kid that was friends with me—this guy I’d see at the club, he’d hit me on MySpace, always trying to get my number, always flirtatious with me—a kid like that is chasing the scene, all like “I’m better than you b/c you walked off the first season because I’m a celeb and you’re not.”

Have you been recognized since you landed in town?

Yeah. Pictures today in the airport. In the mall. And a lot of guys who’ll take pictures with me will get their phone out and start shaking! I’m like “Christ, relax!” Dudes get shaky around me. It’s kind of a compliment.

Oh, I met Chris Brown the other night! Like, he took me into V.I.P., he walked around a lot of people to get to me. Really respectful guy, a nice guy. I can’t speak for him in a relationship, but yeah, I was really starstruck. I’m more into white boys, but he’s really good looking. Met Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hung out with Lindsey Lohan after the MTV Movie Awards. She’s a cool chick. Got her phone number. She’s really misunderstood, I feel her.

How should we dress for the party tonight? Honestly.

I like it. I like the flannel. You twos look good.

But if we were to party in the Shore, what should we do?

First of all, you don’t have socks in those loafers. Get some sneakers. No dress shoes, but if you do wear them, make sure the jeans go over the foot.

So no skinnies?

No, no, no. No skinny jeans. No dudes in the shore rock skinnies. Uh, a little more gel in your hair. Go tanning. Your hair looks good, though. And I like the sideburns. Oh, and these Shore kids are shaving lines in their hair.


Yeah, yeah. It’s tight, though. That bad-boy look.

How important are muscles?

Me, I was super into muscles when I was, like, 20. Now I’m into good-looking, skinny guys.

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