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Ah, a funnel cake


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You thought I was done with this, right? That after three weeks of travel and sampling at the Arkansas and Texas State Fairs, I’d be sick to death of carnival-style foods. Well, I could be now.

But there’s one last opportunity to get that hand-dipped corn dog, that fresh spun cotton candy and the ever-important funnel cake straight out of the fryer here in Little Rock — at Boo at the Zoo. There are a lot of other good reasons to go out — the trick-or-treating for the kids, a chance to ride Over the Jumps, the carnival outside the gate and of course the haunted house and haunted train.

See, I found out something this time around. Unlike the big fairs I went to, all the food vendors at Boo at the Zoo are from right here in Arkansas. And the funnel cakes? Of course they’re from Flossie’s. I love Flossie’s funnel cakes, even like my attempts at making them at home — but the best ones come out of the fryer with an expert at the funnel.

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