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New in the A&E section: jackasses, pirates and biased refs




Lots of good stuff in the entertainment section of this week's Times, now online:

Sam Eifling
reviews the cultural phenomenon that is "Jackass 3D:"

"The 3-D is as 3-D usually is: just OK. But the film could just as enticingly be titled "Jackass Super Mindblowing Slow-Motion." It's a zoo of physical traumas caught in the same macabre rubbernecking style as ringside boxing photos, in which a fighter's face crumples grotesquely mid-punch. You'll never think of a fat man getting shot in the gut by a cannon the same way again."

In his bi-weekly column, Graham Gordy links the culture of free online and the lack of quality at the movies.

"Our computers are generally a free and open forum, and somewhere along the road toward getting digitally everything we can get digitally, we started expecting to get everything we can get digitally for free."

A Boy Named Sooie, AKA the best Razorback football columnist around, isn't having the typical move-on cliches that follow tough defeats.

"If we're going to call football a game of inches, we're going to have to allow players and fans to be upset about officials spotting the opposition a couple feet. Tired bromides like "a good team survives" and appeals to the "human element" just don't cut it. Chalking up bitterness to poor sportsmanship ignores the discipline, effort and focus required by the game. Calling resentful fans "whiners" ignores the role that deep emotional and communal investment plays in rendering amateur sport a valuable social institution."

And I've got a preview of the best Halloween happenings on the horizon: Brew/Boo at the Zoo, the costume contest at the Mud Run, Howl-o-Ween, ghost hunting at Taborian Hall, cover-up concerts at White Water and Vino's and a Halloween performance by Rwake.

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