Kris Allen is not famous enough to score Arkansas v. Alabama tickets | Rock Candy

Kris Allen is not famous enough to score Arkansas v. Alabama tickets



Kris Allen poses with future Miss America Alyse Eady at the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame induction.

UPDATE: A commenter says that (obviously big "American Idol" fan) Jeff Long ended up hooking Kris up.

"Kris Allen is a buddy of mine. He won American Idol, and he can't get tickets." DJ Williams wonders to USA Today, what's the value in winning 'American Idol' if it doesn't score you tickets to the Arkansas v. Alabama game?

"The distance between the gritty reality of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams' sin songs and the shiny school girl diary entry songs from Taylor Swift seems a vast gulf. It's not, really, when you contemplate the basic subjects of country songs. They are: lust, romance, love, me, you, us, sex, marriage, birth, death, children, sin, drinking, raising hell, redemption, church, friends, trucks, animals, guns." What about trains and prison? CMT's Nashville Skyline blog.

"Beth Ditto last night look danger in the face, covered it in cheese strings and profiteroles and laughed her knee tits off as she gobbled it up without taking breath." British tabloid Holy Moly! reporting on a not-serious hotel fire that forced Beth Ditto out into the street. Yowzas.


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