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Sculpture blooms



Bre Harris sculpture at the Bernice
  • Bre Harris' sculpture at the Bernice

Hello, you hoardes of Candy fans out there. A little electrical fire at my house has put me out of business for a bit, but I'm back, which is good, because there's lots going on to alert you to. TONIGHT's big deal: Festivities marking the unveiling of five new sculptures at the Bernice Garden at Daisy Bates and Main. The Bernice Garden is an outdoor gallery, established by property owner Anita Davis, who decided that turning a bleak corner where a Capt. D's once burned down into a place of beauty for the South Main neighborhood.

Tonight, check out the sculpture by selected artists Bre Harris, Joe Barnett, John Mark Van Horn, Kwendeche andTerry and Maritza Bean at the event, 5:30-7:30.

The Bernice Garden Scholarship Fund at the Arkansas Community Foundation funds the work, meant to represent or reflect "the spirit, nature and history of Arkansas." Sculptors receive a $2,800 stipend per artwork and retain ownership. The Village Commons, a non-profit that focuses on sustainability, coordinated the scholarships.

I hope to get by there so I can post more photographs.

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