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Arkansas Music Poll results are in!





The Arkansas Music Poll is here.

We've spent months and months tracking down, e-mailing, calling and snail mailing hundreds of people (and physically threatening a few dudes, too) who’ve made an impact on the musical landscape of Arkansas — critics, DJs, historians, musicians, record store owners, super fans—and asked them to contribute a list of their picks for the “greatest Arkansas music act” and “greatest Arkansas albums.”

We took the results, tallied them up, and ended up with a list of the ten greatest Arkansas musicians, bands and local acts of all time. And, brother, those lists are crazy little numbers. You can find them, plus complete results and all of the ballots from our voters (many with companion essays) here.

As far as we know, it's the first and only type of this endeavor ever. And we're proud to be the ones dumb/crazy/reckless enough to do it.

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