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Twiztid want to know your secrets




Possibly because of our warm coverage of the Insane Clown Posse in the past, I get PR packets from Psychopathic Records fairly regularly.

Today brings the latest from ICP proteges Twiztid, "Heartbroken & Homicidal," out tomorrow.

Here's the pitch:

Twiztid is an always evolving band, and "Heartbroken & Homicidal" is further proof of the duo's ability to mature within the industry, while still keeping its distinct, underground sound. In keeping with the band's eerie lure, the new album is premised on an insane storyline, supplemented by hidden text within an enclosed, mysterious booklet. Then enigmas imbedded in the booklet will only be discovered by using a black light. And with each album containing its own pencil, listeners will be able to write down their deepest secrets.

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