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CANT GET ANY BETTER:  Ms. Lenas peach fried pie
  • Kat Robinson
  • CAN'T GET ANY BETTER: Ms. Lena's peach fried pie
Last time I had one of Ms. Lena's famed fried pies was back in March... I picked up a dozen the Saturday before a trip to Eureka Springs, intending on having them as breakfast food. They didn't surivive that long.

A short time later I was devastated to learn that the DeValls Bluff landmark had closed. Heartbroken. Because, my friends, Ms. Lena's Fried Pies are without a doubt the best fried pies I have EVER eaten.

So I'm very happy to let you know tha Viv Barnhill is reopening the shop October 1st to continue fulfilling her mother's wishes, that those fried pies still be made and sold to lucky travelers. It'll be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. Yay! For more information, call (870) 998-7217.

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