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So you think you can paint


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How have I missed this? "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist," the reality show on Bravo in which artists pull each other's eyes out to win an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, sounds like it could be revoltingly fascinating. The new season premieres Wednesday night.

Here's how Bravo describes the competition:

In each episode, contestants are faced with the challenge of creating unique pieces in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, collage and industrial design. The weekly assignments are exciting, original and will challenge the artists' to push the limits of their technical skills and creative boundaries. Completed works of art will be appraised by our panel of top art world figures alongside a new celebrated guest judge every week. Through a gallery showing at the end of each challenge, these industry select dictate which artists have successfully mastered the subject matter and creation of their piece, as well as whose concept leaves the greatest impact.

The 14 contestants will be winnowed weekly by "industry select" judges British model China Chow (also the host), New York gallery owner Bill Powers, New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz and curator and gallery owner Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. (Art auctioneer Simon de Pury is "mentor" to the contestants.)

Will they create something exciting? Original? Unique too?

The winner of the last "season," which ended in August, was Abdi Farah; here's a look at his show, which looks pretty interesting, at the Brooklyn Museum.

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