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Weekend To-Do: 'Crumbs from the Table of Joy"




7:30 p.m., The Weekend Theater. $14-$18.

It's funny, it's poignant, it's bittersweet and it's one of the most widely-produced pieces of theater in recent memory. Renowned playwright Lynn Nottage's debut explores racial and moral issues of the 1950s through the perspective of 17-year-old Ernestine Crump, who, after the death of her mother, is uprooted from rural Florida by Godfrey Crump, her widower father, and plunked down in urban Brooklyn. When her sister-in-law, a flighty, gin-headed whackadoo who fancies herself a "free spirit" moves in and butts heads with the newly-religious Godfrey, the mood of the house becomes, in a word, tense. The familial mood becomes taut as the African-American Crumps find themselves with a new matriarch in Gerte, a German immigrant who turns the household multi-ethnic in a racially tense 1950 New York City. From the two productions I've seen, "understatement" and "subtlety" aren't watchwords for this, a play originally aimed at teens, but the sharp, topical issues of politics, blind religion, feminism and multi-culturalism in a less-tolerant society stand as relevant now as ever. The production continues the following night and runs each Friday and Saturday through the month.

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