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UNIQUE BREAKFAST:  Indian Omelette Wrap at The New Delhi Cafe
  • Kat Robinson
  • UNIQUE BREAKFAST: Indian Omelette Wrap at The New Delhi Cafe
As many of you are aware, I have been doing extensive research this year into breakfast in Arkansas. There’s very little left to surprise me. I’ve had a plethora of pancakes, been wiggy over waffles, beamed over biscuits and at times have become quite ambivalent about eggs. So many places offer the same batch of bready things and eggy things accompanied by a variety of pork-based products and dark roasted coffee. Sometimes they begin to blend together.

So to find a dish that’s completely out of my battery of experiences, something that not only woke me up but gave me a reason to smile — that’s pretty big. And I found it at one restaurant that I would never have suspected would serve breakfast. I found it at Eureka Springs’ The New Delhi Café.

  • Kat Robinson
  • Kat Robinson
My husband and I spent our final morning in our northwest Arkansas hideaway at this little café tucked up under Center Street on Main Street in the downtown area. We were loathe to actually hit the road and drive back, but that’s life — you can’t escape forever.

We both ordered coffee, and out it came, a strangely chocolate-scented beverage that was about as smooth as you can polish a coffee bean. I don’t normally mention coffee except to say if it’s really good or really bad, but it was rather exceptional and deserves mention.

It took us a few minutes to decide on what to order from the menu, but I was well decided early on — I wanted to try the Indian Omelette Wrap. The idea of a little masala spice in my breakfast was intriguing. When our waitress asked us if we’d like hot Indian chilies in our breakfasts Paul was hooked, and he ordered his with. I asked for just a little heat — not a whole lot. After all, I figured I needed to be able to sit still on the drive home.

MY OMELETTE:  Sweet with caramelized onions
  • Kat Robinson
  • MY OMELETTE: Sweet with caramelized onions
And when our omelettes arrived, I was quite taken with the scent, redolent of a good Indian restaurant but at the same time smelling sweet and breakfasty. The veritable frittata of egg, sweet caramelized onion, savory white cheese and tomato chunks was blended well with a complex garam masala type spice, a perfect rise of bursting flavors that varied between the warm eggs and slightly cooler tomatoes, all wrapped within the confines of a soft flour tortilla. The tortilla itself made the egg dish that much easier to eat — no scattering of ingredients everywhere. I could taste the tiniest bit of warm peppers on my tongue — my husband was actually starting to sweat, but he likes that, so there were no worries.

HIS OMELET:  Redolent with chilies
  • Kat Robinson
  • HIS OMELET: Redolent with chilies
PATIO:  Delectable for dining
  • Kat Robinson
  • PATIO: Delectable for dining
The omelettes had been served up with a surprisingly cool blend of chilies, cilantro and fresh slightly pickled onions, a very light chutney that added a whole new dimension to the dish and made it that much more exotic. I found myself unable to stop myself from consuming it all.

The hubster says it’s the best omelet he’s ever had in his life. I reserve that statement — I have yet to find the perfect omelet. But this came close, I have to admit.

You can’t get this for breakfast early in the morning — it just doesn’t work that way. New Delhi Café opens at 8:30am and only serves breakfast until right at the start of lunch hour. But that Indian Omelette Wrap is worth getting your but out of bed for.

You’ll find The New Delhi Café on Main Street just north of the Spring Street split. Be prepared to pay for parking. (479) 253-2525.

P.S. — The New Delhi Cafe is one of the few places in Arkansas that I have found that serves Post Familie wines. Just for those keeping count.

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