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Breakfast Trek 2: The Search for Spudnuts



THE GRAIL:  A Spudnut in Magnolia
  • Kat Robinson
  • THE GRAIL: A Spudnut in Magnolia
I did a call-out a few weeks ago for breakfast recommendations along the southern portion of our state. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get more suggestions than I did — fortunately, I got enough, and that’s what I was worried about.

But the one recommendation that kept coming back to me was a two-fold deal, a chance to experience something wonderful in one of two cities along the way. I was told in no uncertain terms: acquire, consume and consider the Spudnut.

The first try was during the south Arkansas trip I took with my photographer. We rolled into El Dorado on Saturday afternoon later than I had anticipated and missed out — and as it turns out, you can’t get a Spudnut on Sunday. But how could I deny the folks that read this blog?

So Friday morning I got up at oh-dark-thirty and left out. And this might surprise you — but I stopped for breakfast along the way at a little place called the Broadway Café in Prescott. Had breakfast. Will tell you about that later, I promise. I was so groggy and hungry I had to. I just had to. Which means when I made it to Magnolia, I wasn’t all that hungry.

Now, I hear what you’re saying — “Hold the phone, Magnolia? I thought you said you went to El Dorado.” And I did. But Spudnuts are only available two places in Arkansas — in El Dorado and in Magnolia. And frankly, Magnolia was a hair closer. Besides, I would never have found the Broadway Café otherwise.

So, I’d left out of Little Rock around five in the morning, had breakfast in Prescott around a quarter to seven, and rolled up to Spudnuts just before nine with a somewhat satiated appetite. And I was still a bit groggy. I needed, desperately needed, more coffee. So I parked and walked right in.

PIGS:  Dont help yourself to them
  • Kat Robinson
  • PIGS: Don't help yourself to them
After blinking hard a couple of times and giving my eyes a moment to adjust, I focused on a sign that really didn’t make much sense. “Please do NOT help yourself to the pigs.” What? Oh, the pigs-in-a-blanket sitting under the heat lamp. They didn’t have anything to worry about. I wasn’t there for “pigs.”

The case was full of inviting looking things, and I felt my stomach grumble again. I mentally thought “really? I’m hungry again?” before dismissing my doubts. I didn’t want to overdo it.

“What’ll you have, hon?” the lady behind the counter asked.

“Everything’s made from potato flour?” I asked.

“Yes it is.”

“Okay, I’d like one of your glazed Spudnuts, and one of those with the brown sugar on it.”

“That’s cinnamon, hon.”

I peered into the case for a better look. “So it is. I’ll take it.”

“Anything else?”


She quickly rang up my order. I can’t recall how much it was, got a receipt somewhere but I’m too lazy to pull it out right now. It was less than three dollars. She handed me a little white bag with my doughnuts inside and pointed towards the side of the restaurant. “Fix your coffee how you want it over there.”

I smiled and headed that way. As I poured myself a cup I thought to myself “how odd, I just ate but it feels like I just got up. Weird.” The scent of coffee just kinda spiked my senses a bit. I actually added cream. I was afraid between the coffee here and that I’d had in Prescott I’d give myself heartburn.

TALL ORDER:  A single Spudnut
  • Kat Robinson
  • TALL ORDER: A single Spudnut
Sat down at a table and opened the sack. Pulled out a doughnut and put it on a napkin and took a few pictures of it. It was hard to do. I wanted to eat it right then. It was the circumference of a regular doughnut, but it was taller, thicker somehow. And it was so inviting.

I didn’t even get through my regular number of shots. I just picked it up and ate it. The potato flour didn’t make as much of a difference as I thought it would. A little more savory in the taste, sure. The biggest difference was how it felt in my mouth. This was a yeast doughnut that had a substantial pull to it — just tough enough to chew without evaporating the way some doughnuts do on the tongue. This Spudnut felt like a meal, not a dessert.

  • Kat Robinson
  • Kat Robinson
I dunked the last bit of the doughnut into the coffee and savored it before turning to the other occupant in the bag. The cinnamon-sugar dusted Spudnut smelled so good I couldn’t help taking a bite first. Realizing what I’d just done, I pulled out the camera and shot one-handed while holding it. Ah, man, it was good.

  • Kat Robinson
I wanted more. A lot more. I was marveling at the fact that I’d eaten a full breakfast and then still wanted a dozen of these beauties to consume. There was a chocolate glazed twist in the case calling my name, the light spilling from the heat lamp over the “pigs” was beaming down on it like a beacon from heaven. Aw, man.

Other people filed in and out, including a woman and a young boy who was so proud he could reach his own chocolate milk in the case. There was talk of this and that, but I was doing everything I could to just sip my coffee, wake up and try to convince myself I didn’t need another Spudnut.

  • Kat Robinson
Eventually, I gave in, but I did it on my own terms. I went up and ordered a half dozen to go. And I was so proud — once I was actually out of the restaurant, my craving eased and those Spudnuts made it back to Little Rock with me. But they still didn’t last long.

You can find Spudnuts at 612 East Main Street in Magnolia. The number there is (870) 234-2005. Alternately, you can find them in El Dorado at 810 West Faulkner. That number is (870) 863-9914.

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