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This Week: Arkansas Underground Film Festival, free admission at the Clinton Library, Tinsely Ellis and more


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Tuesday, Aug. 10

*Built to Spill at the Village, $20 adv., $25 d.o.s. Finn Riggins and Underclaire open.

*"Shane" at Market Street Cinema, 7 p.m., $5. The Western classic stars Hot Springs' own Alan Ladd.

Wednesday, Aug. 11

*AA Bondy at Sticky Fingerz, 9:30 p.m., $5.

Thursday, Aug. 12

*Local sketch comedy troupe Red Octopus continues lampooning summer fun in "Beach Blanket Bingo Blowout" at the Public Theater, 8 p.m., $8-$10.

*Lisa and Laura Ling come to the Clinton School to talk about their new book, "Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home," 6 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 13

*The Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute presents the second annual Arkansas Underground Film Festival at the Malco in Hot Springs, 6 p.m., $7-$38. With a stellar line-up, including films by David Lynch, Jim Henson, Phil Chambliss (!) and William Wegman (above). Check the full schedule on the jump.

*Guns 4 Roses pay tribute to '80s-era Guns 'n Roses at Rev, 9 p.m., $10.

Saturday, Aug. 14

*In honor of Bill Clinton's birthday, the Clinton Library offers free admission.

*White-boy blues whiz Tinsley Ellis plays Denton's, 9 p.m.

*Self-proclaimed "dirty old one man band’ Scott H. Biram comes to Juanita's, with Brother Andy and Joey and Kelly Kneiser from Glossary opening.

Arkansas Underground Film Festival
Aug. 13-15, 2010
Cost: $7/night, $10 VIP Pass
VIP Pass includes admission to all films, after party events,
and discount to Sunday’s “Intro to Film” workshop. A $38 Value!

Friday, August 13:

Famous First’s
Before they reached acclaim, these filmmakers were struggling to find their voice and identity as artists. Catch a rare glimpse of these famous filmmakers before the fact!

The Alphabet- David Lynch, 5min, 1968
The Dead Father- Guy Maddin, 20min, 1986
What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing In a Place Like This?- Martin Scorsese, 9min, 1963
The Fat and the Lean- Roman Polanski, 15min, 1961
Time Piece- Jim Henson, 9min, 1965


Arkansas’ Finest: Films by Nancy Silver and Phil Chambliss
Arkansas has long been a place of independent spirt. Nancy Silver (Bonnerville, AR) and Phil Chambliss (Locust Bayou, AR) have bucked the system by producing completely original underground movies without huge dollars or film school educations.

Filmmakers in-person.

Spider Eyes- Nancy Silver,15min, 2009
Shadows of the Hacket-Man- Phil Chambliss, 25min, 1982
The Mr. Visit Show- Phil Chambliss, 15min, 2002
The Funeral Center- Phil Chambliss, 21min, 2009


Eraserhead- David Lynch, 89min, 1977
The granddaddy of underground films, Eraserhead was first released strictly as a “midnight” movie in the late 1970s. The film, which took over five years to make, soon developed a huge underground following and remains one of the most original and peculiar films ever made. Happy Friday the 13th!


11PM- 2AM
after hours dance party
with Cool Shoes founder DJ Shawn Lee!

DJ Shawn Lee w/ visuals by cinePLOSION!!!
@ Low Key Arts, 118 Arbor, across from Velda Rose Hotel
Cost: $7 or FREE with VIP Pass

Saturday, August 14:

On video installation all day:
Videos by Yoshie Sakai

The video work of California artist, Yoshie Sakai, can be quirky and cute but also personal and deeply engaging. In her work, she is the unassuming underdog lost in a complicated world full of obstacles— and is almost impossible not to root for.

Strip- Yoshie Sakai, 3min, 2008
Britney Scale Surgery- Yoshie Sakai, 4min, 2008 Yoshie Sakai, 5min, 2008
Keep It To Yourself- Yoshie Sakai, 8min, 2009


William Wegman Retrospective

William Wegman is best known for his work with dogs, primarily his own Weimaraners, but also as a pioneer video artists during the early days of video technology. In this mini-retrospective, we will see some of his earliest video experiments, plus Hardley Gold, an iconic Wegman film that re-enacts the Hardy Boys legacy with his Weimaraners.

Reel 6 & 7 (26 short videos)- William Wegman, 38min, 1975-1976

Reel 6: Ball and Can (6:23),The Reel (1:00), Eyes of Ray (0:34), Dog Duet (2:38), Stereo System (1:32), Tube Talk (1:16), Video (1:18), Joke (0:46), Furniture (1:42), Moby Dick (1:09), Cord Walk (0:45).

Reel 7: Alarm Clock (0:30), Doctor Patient (2:20), Bad Movies (2:00), Drop (0:43), Fruit (0:25), Smoking (1:55), Horseshoes (1:10), Fast (0:15), Concerto (1:20), For Sale (2:30), Woodchuck (0:20), Alphabet (1:20), Growl (0:50), Sofa Piece (1:25), Alarm Clock II (0:40).

The Hardley Boys in “Hardley Gold”- William Wegman, 28min, 1996


Riot Girrl: Films by Sadie Benning & Miranda July

Sadie Benning, daughter of experimental filmmaker James Benning, acquired a Fisher-Price PXL-2000 toy video camera as a 16-year-old Milwaukee teenager in 1989. She used this primitive camera to make diary-style home movies confronting her developing sense of identity and lesbian sexuality. These videos quickly became underground hits early in the 1990s, and Sadie Benning became one of the youngest-ever cult film icons.

Miranda July is best known for her feature film, You, Me, and Everyone We Know (2005). She has also presented work at the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and in two Whitney Biennials. Nest of Tens (2000) is an earlier experimental video that portrays four alternating stories about mundane, personal methods of control.

If Every Girl Had a Diary- Sadie Benning, 8min, 1990
Jollies- Sadie Benning, 11min, 1990
Living Inside- Sadie Benning, 5min, 1989
Me and Rubyfruit- Sadie Benning, 5.5min, 1990
A New Year- Sadie Benning, 6min, 1989
Nest of Tens- Miranda July, 27min, 2000


Abstractions and Dreams: Contemporary Cinema of the Mind

This program contains newer works that depict memories, dreams and abstractions.

Abstract?- Alexei Dmitriev (Russia), 5min, 2009
Second Aje- Joseph Burns (Minneapolis, MN), 10min, 2008
At Hand- Andrew Busti (Georgia state), 10min, 2005
The Eternal Occurrence- Charles Chadwick (Los Gatos, CA), 9min, 2010
The Hamilton Cell- Maximilian Le Cain (Ireland), 14min, 2009
Bird Nest- Dan Anderson & Bobby Missile (Hot Springs, AR), 8min, 2010


Avant-Garde Classics: Shown on beautiful 16mm film!

The following program includes two films each by American filmmakers, Bruce Conner and Kenneth Anger, and one from German filmmaker, Matthias Muller. Alpsee eerily portrays the struggles of a young boy’s smothering adolescence. Looking for Mushrooms documents Bruce Conner’s Mexican mushrooms hunts with Timothy Leary, while Valse Triste is a found-footage film invoking nostalgia for Conner’s Kansas upbringing. Kustom Kar Kommandos subversively sexualizes greaser car culture, while Invocation of My Demon Brother, with a moog soundtrack by Mick Jagger, takes us into the startling world of occult rituals and the supernatural.

**This program it intended for mature audiences, viewer discretion advised.

Alpsee- Matthias Muller, 15min, 1994
Looking for Mushrooms- Bruce Conner, 14min, 1968/1996
Valse Triste- Bruce Conner, 6min, 1979
Kustom Kar Kommandos- Kenneth Anger, 4min, 1965
Invocation of My Demon Brother- Kenneth Anger, 11min, 1969


The Hart of London- Jack Chambers, 79min, 1970
Shown on beautiful 16mm film!

Proclaimed by experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage as, “one of the greatest films ever made,” The Hart of London is truly one of the more obscure masterpieces of our time. Mixing newsreel footage with his own materials, Chambers paints a picture of humanity within the city limits of his hometown of London, Ontario.


Visions of Madness: Matthew Silver & Mara Mattuschka

Perhaps the most bizarre program of the festival highlights intense visions of humanity and extreme self-conscious behavior by Matthew Silver (New Jersey) and Mara Mattuschka (Austria).

Love Comes Out of Your Butt- Matthew Silver, 25min, 2010
Burning Palace- Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring, 32min, 2010


11PM- 2AM
after hours dance party
DJ G-Force w/ live visuals
@ Low Key Arts, 118 Arbor, across from Velda Rose Hotel
Cost: $7 or FREE with VIP Pass.


Sunday, August 15:


Intro to Film Workshop
An introduction to super 8mm and 16mm film (NOT video!)

Learn how to use film in the digital age! This workshop will cover different film stocks, film cameras, how to use a light meter, run a projector, and develop your own film by hand. Various hand-processing techniques such as photograming and solarization will be covered. This workshop is intended for non-narrative and “experimental” filmmaking.

Taught by Andrew Busti, MFA-Film Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

Reserve early! Enrollment is limited.
$15 with VIP Pass
$25 for non-pass holders

Arkansas Underground Film Festival presents:
Bearded Child Film Festival
at Low Key Arts, 118 Arbor Street

The Bearded Child Traveling Film Festival is to underground film what molten lava is to the center of the earth. In the alternative setting of Low Key Arts, come for a mind-numbing selection of new and indescribably bizarre video works. To our knowledge, only The Little Business Man has been shown publicly in the United States, as it has one small public showing in 2005. All other works are completely new and unseen!

Space Camp- multi-visual media installation
by Dan Anderson and Shane English, 60min, 2009
American Bizarre:
A rare glimpse into the unlikely, twisted underbelly of America. Here we bring you unseen and truly underground films from Shreveport, Spokane, and rural Minnesota.

Radioactive Beaver Episode 1- Jon Ennis (Spokane, WA), 20min, 2009
The Little Business Man- Montgomery Klinefelter (Rauch, MN), 20min, 2002
For Them- Dacoda Montana (Shreveport, LA), 35min, 2009

Short films of Igor and Ivan Buharov
By special request from Budapect, Hungary, we bring you the Buharov brothers! Mixing elements of Jan Svankmajer, Brothers Quay and Planet of the Apes, the Buharov’s are completely unlike anything to be made on American soil.

Hotel Tubu- Igor and Ivan Buharov, 5min, 2002
Overheadword Protection- Igor and Ivan Buharov, 7min, 2006
Is the Killer Going to the Cemetary?- Igor and Ivan Buharov, 8min, 2004
Johnny and the Goosies- Igor and Ivan Buharov, 6min, 2010
Mothmilk- Igor and Ivan Buharov, 9min, 2009


The Arkansas Underground Film Festival would not be possible without the support of:

Paul and Susan Tucker
Jerry Colburn
Low Key Arts
Wegman Studios
Louisville Film Society
Bearded Child Film Festival
Microcinema International

Film rentals supplied by:
Canyon Cinema, San Francisco
Filmmakers’ Coop, New York
Video Data Bank, Chicago

The Arkansas Underground Film Festival is an event produced by the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.



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