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More details emerge on Graham Gordy's 'The Wreck'



Michael Fuller, the screenwriting partner of Times columnist Graham Gordy for "The Wreck," the college football drama the pair have in development at AMC, spilled a lot of details about the drama in interview with the South Carolina State that ran over the weekend.

“The Wreck” is about a college coach for a Southern university who has worked his way up from smaller programs. In four years at his current school, he has overachieved with lesser players, a team put together by the previous coach.

Coming off a bowl loss and heading into the offseason before his fifth year, the coach knows he has one season to make the program better. He’s now using the players he recruited, and he realizes being a player’s coach isn’t working.


“It’s a corporate drama,” Fuller, 29, said. “There’s a hierarchy involved and the stakes are so much higher.”

From TV contracts to media scrutiny to the phone calls millionaire coaches take from billionaire boosters who think the offense should be changed, “The Wreck” is about facing and getting around barriers.

The coach goes through them all to get to “a dirt shack to recruit a 17-year-old kid who can barely read to ensure his livelihood,” Fuller said.

To remake himself job before the fifth season, “The Wreck” will be on the recruiting trail. The coach will change coordinators and there could be inquiries into improper contact between players and agents.

Sounds way promising. And now UVerse has AMC!

Fuller, currently a writer on "The Soup," said the series will debut in 2011.

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