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CAMPAIGN SEASON:  Hunter at Ding Dong Days
  • Leif Hassell
  • CAMPAIGN SEASON: Hunter at Ding Dong Days
There’s a pattern to these Arkansas festivals I attend. There’s always music involved, whether it’s a band or a radio or some crazy guy with drums to beat upon. There’s always some manner of local crafts, face painting, and activities for the kids. There are often bouncy castles and frequently antique car shows. And there’s always food.

But on even numbered years, there are a few more booths at each event. And throughout the fairgrounds or streets or neighborhood parks, wherever you might happen to land, there are folks stumping for their favorite candidates.

Just got back from Ding Dong Days in Dumas with my friend Leif Hassell. I’ve been doing the festival circuit this year for a variety of reasons. What’s different in Dumas? Well, there’s the fact that the mayoral candidates are campaigning with cookies. One gave us macadamia nut and peanut butter cookies; the other, oatmeal cream pies and Moon Pies. Others handed out hand fans, balloons, and stickers.

CORNY BUSINESS:  Roasting on a grill
  • Leif Hassell
  • CORNY BUSINESS: Roasting on a grill
This being a food blog, I was on the lookout for food items. I found the usual concession vendors who travel from place to place. There were also a couple of snow cone operations going on. And then there was the corn. Roasted corn, still in the husk and served up plain or sprinkled with a special seasoning salt at the bargain of two dollars an ear. The scent of the corn was heady and it could be breathed in all over the food court lawn.

  • Kat Robinson
And then there was the bake sale. I love bake sales. I love the simplicity of the idea, the variety of items you can find, the neat expressions of baking a community can come up with. There was a great display of items raising money for the Rebels, and I found myself drawn to homemade peanut brittle. This great stuff was of the soda variety, nice and crispy with that little taste of surprise I like. It was very hard to choose… I almost went home with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies instead.

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