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To-Do List: Dangerous Idiots/Ginsu Wives/Androids of Ex Lovers



Dangerous Idiots
  • Dangerous Idiots

8:30 p.m., Revolution. $6.

Piecing together a local triple-bill that balances "really good" and "pretty strange" as well as this would be a feat on par with balancing a state budget or licking yourself between the shoulder blades. Dangerous Idiots, the self-described "gulch rock" trio, is a bona fide '90s-era supergroup, sporting Paul Bowling of legendary Little Rock-bred Dischord band Trusty and Aaron Sarlo and Shayne Gray of goofy power-pop act Techno-Squid Eats Parliament. The guys are still all about names you have to memorize, judging from the title of the album they were slated to release, "Going Down to Highway Ten with a Zombie Shotgun and a Claw Hammer. You Wanna Come With?" Ginsu Wives (surfer, beware of the link) are Arkansas's kings of shudder-worthy, experimental electro rock. For years, they've worked with perverse, dirty, weird-ass sounds that could provide greasy, appropriate background noise. The visual presence they've made for themselves over the years is just as bizarre and unsettling (NSFLife), full of goats being massaged by mustached men in bras and women throwing up on themselves. You'd be hard pressed to find another Arkansas band as provocative. Rounding out the bill is Androids of Ex-Lovers, the bass-and-drums duo with a crush on The Melvins, a legitimate cult following and one of the best live shows in town. Their take on riff-heavy, distortion-heavy, heavy-heavy dude rock is custom-made for fist pumping and irresistibly likable.

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