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Friday To-Do: Velvet Kente



Another reliably dope flyer.
  • Another reliably dope flyer.

10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $7.

Even in a town that's notorious for unceasingly praising its own bands, it seems no one's been able to say anything negative about Velvet Kente. It's a consensus that the group's just that good. Its brand of hyper-literate, genre-stirring soulindiefunkrockfolk is just about everything that good music needs to be: passionate, thoughtful, melodic and funky as hell. It seems everyone but the band themselves knows that; last week, they Tweeted "we're the 20th best band in town. maybe." Whether that's a big up to Little Rock musicians or a piece of self-deprecation from singer/songwriter and front man Joshua (last name unknown by anyone not in his family) is lost in his public crypticism. Surely they all know that their jarring potpourri of goosebumpers and ass-shakers puts them 18 or 19 positions higher in those hypothetical rankings. Until those results are released, the standing 20th best band in Little Rock cranks up White Water at 10 p.m.

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