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Work by Viola Frey in Bigger, Better, More
  • Work by Viola Frey in "Bigger, Better, More"

At the Arts Center today I got to look at the catalog for the upcoming exhibit of work by Viola Frey (pronounced Fry) that will go up Aug. 20 ("Bigger, Better, More"), a show I'm really looking forward to. Large painted ceramics — some 11 feet tall — i'm in. Here's a description of her work from arts writer Ken Johnson in the New York Times:
Viola Frey’s giant ceramic sculptures of men and women are among the underappreciated wonders of late-20th-century art. Rising 11 feet and higher, wearing business suits and ties and nondescript dresses, they have a spookily imposing physical presence and a clunky, cartoonish ugliness.

The link to the full article, a review of an exhibit of "Bigger, Better, More" at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, is here. Johnson is critical of the show's setting, which he finds too cramped to put the work in its best light. That should not be a problem in the Townsend Wolfe gallery, where the show is headed, Arts Center spokesman Heather Haywood noted.
Can't wait to see it.
P.S. Note the headline on the Frey review referring to her work as "Colossi." After "Pharaohs," Frey's work makes for back-to-back colossi in the Arts Center gallery.

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