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COMING BACK:  Starlite Diner
  • Kat Robinson
  • COMING BACK: Starlite Diner
Perhaps summertime is a slow time around these parts. I haven't heard much as far as restaurant openings recently, but I wanted to share what I did have.

First off, a reopening. For those concerned that Starlite Diner in North Little Rock was gone for good, never fear. It's set to reopen sometime later this fall. Drove by yesterday and saw the sign up that they'll be accepting applications for positions there October 1st.

  • Kat Robinson
Several readers had contacted me asking about Igiibon Japanese Food House, concerned that it had closed. I had dinner there Friday night. It seemed pretty open to me. The confusion might be the result of the big FOR LEASE sign in the space next door.

Close by, the signs are already up for what will become Little Rock's third Indian restaurant (and before I hear the arguments, Masala Grill is Pakistani). Taj Mahal is going into the Mexican restaurant slot behind the always-popular 1620.

And in Russellville, I noticed that the former Pizza Hut location along North Arkansas is now Joe's Pasta and Pizza. No idea yet if it's related to the Joe's I just ate at in Fort Smith, but I'm sure I'll be finding out soon.

  • Fort Smith Eats
Fort Smith Eats reports that Mojo's Ivory House in Fort Smith is reopening Friday night. Our eyes on the Western Wall also shares a photo of a new place going in called The Dog Shack which is apparently home to a Buffalo Chili Dog.

I'll be talking about another reopening involving Fort Smith shortly.

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