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Reader review: Ashley's brunch



  • Derrick Rose
  • FRIED GREEN TOMATOES: Ashley's style
My good friend Derrick Rose has taken up my challenge: don't just gripe about something, give me a review and I'll post it right here on Eat Arkansas. Derrick apparently had no gripes about Ashley's. His review of the classy restaurant's brunch on the jump.

Derrick writes:
Julie and I had Sunday brunch at Ashley's at the Capitol Hotel for the first time. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. We loved it.

Fried Green Tomatoes. I can't believe I was served a fried green tomato this tasty with just the right amount of tang in a high brow restaurant like Ashley's. It is also sprinkled with goat cheese and has pepper jelly drizzled around the plate. This was an appetizer but frankly I would have been happy with 10 more and giant glass of tea.

  • Derrick Rose
Ashley's Eggs Benedict. I got one bite away from my wife. This is the best Egg McMuffin I've ever eaten. We really have to learn to make these at home.

  • Derrick Rose
This could so easily have been a smiley face if they would have served it up side down. The two brown giant tater tots are what they call skillet potatoes. They were very tasty with a touch of salt. The Omelet was called a Duck Hash Omelet. It had some tomatoes and mushrooms in it and I thought it was pretty good. That probably means it was fantastic because I'm not a duck fan and thought I'd ordered ham. If you like duck, I have a feeling this is the bomb.

  • Derrick Rose
This was a Peach "insert french name here" or what I call Peach Cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. It was crazy peach filled deliciousness (got that word from the food channel) and would probably be worth at least 100 points on the weight watcher diet plan. The waiter said it was new to the menu. It should never be taken off.

  • Derrick Rose
The banana cream puff with chocolate sauce. Cut it down the middle for a bite and watch the creamy banana filling spill out everywhere. It is as good as it looks and if I hadn't been at Ashley's would have probably tried to eat them one at a time.

  • Derrick Rose
We had a fantastic Sunday brunch at Ashley's located in the Capitol Hotel. This centerpiece really sets the tone for the meal and the service which was to say great. I didn't take pictures of three other dishes that were served with our meal. It began with a small blue berry fruit salad, then four finger sized beignets coated in powdered sugar and my appetizer that was a very full flavored wonderful tasting chicken gumbo that any dedicated Cajun restaurant would be proud to serve.

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