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It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween



That is, if you're a local musician interested in playing in the ACAC's annual Great Halloween Cover-Up, wherein local bands impersonate their favorite nationally known act. The deadline to apply to be considered — the ACAC board picks the bands based on factors like "how many people your idea will turn out and how it will fit in with the other bands on the bill" — is August 1. The Cover-Up is Saturday, Oct. 30. Email your proposal to

It's worth mentioning, though, that The Good Fear is already practicing for it's annual Fayetteville/Little Rock gig. This year: Weezer. Most likely at White Water. Maybe they'll book Friday for Little Rock.

Check out past participants in the ACAC Cover-up below.

A Hard Luck Story as Minor Threat (2003)
American Princes as The Pixies (2003 and 2004)
Appetite For Orange as The White Stripes (2006)
Bru Records as A Tribe Called Quest (2003)
Chow Quay as Devo (2004)
Das Gift as Pink Floyd (2008)
God City Destroyers as The Misfits (2009)
Grand Serenade as Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (2005)
Johnny Mac And The Reds as The Police (2005)
Josh The Devil And The Sinners as Poison (2007)
Juggernaut Glitch as De La Soul (2006)
Juggernaut Glitch as The Roots (2008)
Juggernaut Glitch at Public Enemy (2007)
Kevin Kirby as Neil Young (2004)
Nathan Browningham as Prince (2007)
Smerg (ad-hoc cover band) as The Germs (2004)
Speedo Slay (ad-hoc group) as Bikini Kill (2008)
Style Guide and Hector Faceplant members as Abba (2009)
The Bloodless Cooties as T Rex (2007)
The Mondays (ad-hoc cover band) as The Sundays (2006)
The Moving Front as The Clash (2008)
The Moving Front as The Cure (2006)
The Thing That Always Explodes (and friends) as Black Sabbath (2005)
UALR music students ad hoc group as Blondie (2009)

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