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TOMATO SEASON:  The CAFM is full of them today
  • TOMATO SEASON: The CAFM is full of them today
Had a lovely morning out at the Argenta Foodie Festival. I can tell you this — the food was good, the produce at the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market plentiful, and good heavens it certainly is tomato season!

Hunter and I arrived around 9:30 and headed for photos in the CAFM lot first. It was packed. I have never seen so many farms represented at the market. It was a-bustle with people, kids and dogs.

Among the delights I sighted:

Lemon cucumbers — they look like little lemons with the rind shaved off. Had to take one home to try out.
White cucumbers
Sugar-baby melons for $4 each
Butternut squash at 80 cents a pound
Sweet corn selling at 50 cents an ear
Heirloom tomatoes at $3 a pound
Cherry tomatoes at $4 a quart
Sungold tomatoes

K-Bee Honey at $45 a gallon (a gallon!)
Cow Horn and Sweet Banana peppers, 5 for a dollar
Homemade soap
Cheese from Honeysuckle Farms

Fairy Tale, white and dark purple eggplants
Cantaloupe at $3 each
Watermelons for up to $8 a piece
Fresh peaches and plums

Yellow tomatoes
Heritage tomatoes
Green tomatoes
String beans

Lots of produce, for sure. Saw some great people over there, including Nao Ueda and her Eddie, great people. Great to actually meet them in person!

From there I wandered over across the way to the Foodie Festival itself. It was really just getting going. I checked out the merchant stalls — there’s the reclaimed jewelry place that sells the Sushi and pop-top earrings, Amy Bennett’s hand-thrown pottery, some nice crafts. And then the food. This year they’re selling tickets for $1 a ticket. Chris Monroe had his pies out and they were still hot, big pear-ginger tarts, Chocolate S’mores pie slices and Sugar Cookie Dutch Peach pies. Seriously - how could you pass that up?

Argenta Market had brats out, Lindsey’s was doling up pork ribs and sweet potato tarts, Starving Artist Café was serving Arkansas watermelon and Feta salad. I caught sight of Donnie Ferneau whipping up plates with his highly-praised Braised Pork Tacos with Jalapeno, Cheddar and Sweet Corn Slaw — there was already a line for that. I got big thumbs-up on that from Eric Francis and Kelly Bradley.

So, what did Hunter and I have? We went for Trail’s End BBQ’s beef brisket sandwich… which Hunter ate all the beef out of. My photo didn’t come out, darn it! We also picked up one of Hunka Pie’s pear ginger mini-pies to take home with us. Man, Chris is a genius.

The music was playing, people were enjoying the food and just chatting away. It was so nice...

And we went back over to the CAFM to get an ear of hot roasted sweet corn from Hardin Farms. Our donation got us a nice hot fresh-buttered ear of corn. Hunter was a bit overwhelmed by the corn at first. I hung onto it as the rain started to fall, got her back in the vehicle and we headed out. I didn’t get much chance at that ear — just got to see her going to town on it from my rear-view mirror.

The greatest thing about the Foodie Festival is that it’s a bi-annual event, and come September (I think it’s September) there will be another one. So glad for that.

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