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'True Blood' returns


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HBO, 8 p.m. Sundays

The terrible accents. Vampire Bill's grating antebellum earnestness. The general tedium of vampire civil rights issues. Turns out the problems that plagued "True Blood" in its first season weren't anything that a lot more blood and skin couldn't fix. Last season's new additions — among them an orgy-inducing pagan sex goddess, a Ralph Reed cartoon hell-bent on bringing vampires "into the light" and a redheaded vampire nymphet — and plotlines that found nearly all of the primary characters go morally astray for a time almost made "True Blood" look like the greatest whacked-out soap this side of "Twin Peaks." Then, in the final episode, came the Scooby Doo-style foiling of the wicked witch and the ho-hum disappearance of the vampire boyfriend. But, the promise is still there, friends, particularly if you've seen the trailer for season three. Because it features a tremendous amount of murder, mayhem and supernatural sex. And werewolves. And maybe, just maybe werepanthers.

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