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Gimme some paper towels!



IF THE FRIES ARE THIS GREASY:  Those thin napkins arent gonna do
  • IF THE FRIES ARE THIS GREASY: Those thin napkins aren't gonna do

I don't always agree with what Bill Maher has to say. But he hit on a universal truth on his last show.
New Rule: Restaurants that serve the greasiest foods have to stop using the ultrathin napkins that only work if you take a thousand of them.

I want to know, why do restaurants do that to us? The photo above is from my visit Thursday to The Box... you've had a Box Burger, you understand the meaning of "thousand napkin soak."

THIN NAPKINS:  They have to go
  • THIN NAPKINS: They have to go
It really got me to thinking, though... so I went back into my files and took a look. And indeed, there have been so many times where I've been plagued by a lack of decent napkin-ture. Those little aluminum napkin holders of doom can be found so many places — like Terri-Lynn's Bar-B-Cue here in Little Rock, CJ's Butcher Boy Burgers in Russellville, Hickory House BBQ in Forrest City, and Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Greenbrier. Some places, like Feltner's Whatta-Burger, McClard's BBQ and Dave & Ray's Downtown Diner have gone to plastic versions of these napkin dispensers that dispense a slightly higher grade of napkin for their constituents... but still, there's just so much a flimsy tissue-like napkin can do for dabbing the wet spots.

DOING IT RIGHT:  Paper towels at Allens
  • DOING IT RIGHT: Paper towels at Allen's
Some places have gone to higher-end napkins, a few do cloth. And then there are places like Allen's BBQ in Gurdon and Cross Eyed Pig BBQ in Little Rock who have gone to big rolls of paper towels at the table. This is an idea I can get behind. Paper towels are by their very nature designed to be absorbent. They're the workhorse of the paper-products world.

So how about it? Should diners, greasy spoons and barbecue joints be encouraged to ditch the dispenser for a nice roll of paper towels? Your thoughts welcome.

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