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Wednesday To-Do: Movies in the Park - "Back to the Future"





Sundown, Riverfront Park. Free.

After being rained out not once, but two years in a row, it was apparent that God's attentions were squarely focused on keeping Little Rock at bay from the apotheosis of teenage rebellion, Chicago's false idol himself, “Ferris Bueller.” But it was OK. Ferris, Cameron and Sloane were slated to kick off the 2010 Movies in the Park series. But the Lord works in mysterious ways. He decided another rainstorm would be predictable, so He tried His hand at distribution laws — and it worked, leaving our town Ferris-less yet another year. Call it density — I mean, destiny — but another mid-'80s classic has taken its place — another note-perfect, infinitely rewatchable movie centered around teenage recklessness and a bitchin' car: “Back to the Future.” It's the epitome of crowd pleaser, literally with something for everyone. Have you ever met someone who doesn't like “Back to the Future”? I haven't. So make like a tree and get out of your house Wednesday night. This is one of the greats, meant to be seen projected in front of a crowd. It's free, it's temperate and it's BYOB for those of age.

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