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Ear Fear drops 'The Ignit Truth'


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After a taste of the new songs on Monday, Ear Fear was on the cusp of dropping their twin albums, "The Ignit Truth" and "Altar Call," 607's 33rd and 34th albums, respectfully.

Well, the second of the two, "Altar Call" has popped up on Bandcamp and, after a quick scroll late last night and first thing this morning, it's another installment of the reliable heat that Little Rock's most hard-assed Fiona Apple fans specialize in.

Also, tracks eleven and twelve of "Altar Call" are old-fashioned triumph songs about Jermain Taylor from the two self-avowed boxing fans. (Or maybe track twelve is about me?)

Links for both after the jump.

1. Hot Sauce ft Dai Dai
2. You Don't Count
3. Lyin 2 Deez ft Jessica Lauren
4. Swigs and Swallas ft Big Drew
5. Pull Them Cars Out ft Big Body
6. Secret Lovers
7. In My Lane ft E-Dubb
8. 2 late 2 hate
9. Relax
10. Call Me ft Fedarro
11. 4 They Feel Me
12. Better Than That ft E Browning
13. Snake 4 The Master

1. Shades On ft Dai Dai 04:21
2. Masquerade 03:32
3. Alone Tonight 02:53
4. Tumblin 02:16
5. How Silly of Me 01:35
6. Hannah's Poem ft Dai Dai 00:25
7. Girls That Glitter 03:32
8. Why I Scream 03:30
9. In Love Inadequate ft Jessica Lauren 04:56
10. Keep Up 02:55
11. Deliver Me (Jermain Taylor) 02:26
12. 2 late 2 hate (jt edition) 02:07
13. Field Trip
14. Hog Wild ft Q-Note

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