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Quest for pie


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Ah, yes, pie. So many out there to choose from. But I’m on a quest, two actually, and perhaps you can help.

First one… whilst in Texas, I happened to dine at a place called Big Bruce’s, which served up not only fine brisket sandwiches but also boxed pies from Uncle Willie’s, including the above pictured slice of heavenly Buttermilk Pie. I wrote about it over at Tie Dye Travels, but will paraphrase my reaction here:

First bite was a classic buttermilk pie reaction, that surprise of “wow, is that lemon?” that’s quickly overcome by the creamy texture. But this one was different. It had a nicely salty savory crust, like what you might expect with a pasty or a hand pie instead of a sweet pie. The combination of salty, pumpkin pie-like spice and citrusy buttermilk makes a strongly powerful substance that holds its own in satisfying one’s hunger.

I want that pie here. I know someone in Arkansas has to be making a great buttermilk pie. Readers, can you help?

My other quest was requested by Grav Weldon, a general all-around good guy currently stuck in Fort Smith. He made this request on my Facebook fan page:

I have a mission for you, Kat. As you are sampling AR restaurants, please keep your eye open for some place that makes good Black Bottom pies. A proper BB pie mind you... Bottom layer of french silk like chocolate mousse, middle layer of vanilla pudding spiked with rum or whiskey, and a top layer of real whipped cream.

It’s been a long time since I had a real Black Bottom pie. The Possum Pie is similar, but with a sour cream-cheese layer instead of that vanilla pudding spiked with booze. I’ve been wracking my brain a while and cannot come up with a single restaurant that serves it. So folks, it’s up to you. Where can I find these pies? Drop a comment here or send me an email.  I much appreciate it.

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