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An oldie but a goodie.



Everyone has a soft spot for their favorite foods. When it comes to barbecue, I have a soft spot for Old Post BBQ in Russellville. All through college I could depend on the place for a good chopped beef brisket sandwich with that sweet and tangy thick hickory-smoke-ridden sauce with a side of fried okra.

It’s good to know things haven’t changed. We dropped by for dinner the other day. The hubster went for the Rib Dinner ($10.99) and got himself two potato sides, potato salad and curly fries. I knew what he was doing. He planned to have Hunter eat some of his meal, so I didn’t give him too much grief. As you can see, the smoke ring pinks into the meet quite a ways. Instead of one rack of four, his plate included a pair and a threesome of various ribs. So we trussed up one for Hunter. And she licked off the sauce and handed it back. Well, there you go.


Good thing I got the Half Chicken Dinner ($8.99). The juicy bird and its sides make up more than a meal for me, so I sliced off the leg section with my butter knife and handed it over to her. She went to town, chewing all the way down to the bone. We had to keep turning it for her because she seemed determined to get to that marrow.

As usual, the okra popped with those seeds inside all swelled up and hot. The mac and cheese was its usual comfortable self. The chicken… was pink. All of it. The breast right down to the bone, the wing, the thigh. This is one fabulous smoky bird that’s good by itself. Pair it with that sauce, and you have yourself something.

I’ve talked about Old Post before over on Tie Dye Travels… get yourself over there if you want to know more. You’ll find Old Post BBQ at the corner of Arkansas and 4th in Russellville. Call ahead if you like -- they have a drive-up window, (479) 968-2421.

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