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Saturday To-Do: National Sulac Day



10 p.m., Town Pump. $3.

You know, it would be pretty easy to say “all at once, Sulac is to Little Rock what Robert Pollard is to Dayton, Beatle Bob is to St. Louis and what Snarf is to Thundercats.” Then you could say, “he's as if someone embodied all the left-field exuberance of local music and stapled a ball cap to his head.” But that'd be gilding that goofy-ass, hairy, cackling lily of a guy, so I'll just say my old neighbor Sulac can tell you the funniest joke you've ever heard in your life, drink you under a rock and make some of the catchiest music that's ever come out of this state because, well, he's a bit of bonafide twisted genius, ya' see? Saturday, Little Rock salutes the prolific so-and-so for National Sulac Day. He's taking three of his bands to Town Pump for a triple-header with the newest project of the three, Physical Science, the rollicking concept pop of Winston Family Orchstra (whose album, “Valloween” is one of the best, most compulsively listenable LR LPs in years) and the classic local trio that needs no introduction, Hector Faceplant.

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