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Maybe it's time to start covering Kris Allen again



Because wackiness abounds again. Or so I learned from this Entertainment Weekly interview, where Kris Allen's number one fan, Michael Slezak, asks the tough questions about Allen's latest single, "The Truth," which features guest vocals from  Train's Pat Monahan, who co-wrote the song.

A minute ago, you alluded to the fact that the new version of "The Truth" could conceivably be construed as a breakup ballad between two men. Was there any concern you were going to radio, which is a fairly conservative space, with a love story of Brokeback Mountain proportions?

[Laughs.] It was a worry when the idea first came about. But I think all those worries have kind of been shoved in the closet -- no pun intended.

[Laughs.] Well, maybe that added layer of drama isn't such a bad thing for some listeners.


Were you aware of the movement on Twitter where some of your fans changed their profile pics to elephants to pick up on the line in "The Truth" that goes "it's the elephant in the room and we pretend that we don't see it." For some fans, it was their way of saying, "This song is not written by Kris. This is not the original version. And we are protesting." And now that "The Truth" is officially the single, the elephant has maybe morphed into a show of support.

I think it's such a huge testament to my fans. I love my fans because they're smart, dude. They get it. They get behind anything that I do. And so thank you so much to those people. They've really gotten behind this. I hope it takes off, I really do. I hope the song takes off.

Your own mother had an elephant as her Twitter icon.

That's my mom.

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