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Hunting down a gyro



The Greek Food Festival is coming up… maybe that’s part of the reason I’m getting hungry for gyros again. For those who grew up on the festival here in Arkansas, it’s a natural progression -- it’s May, therefore I must eat Greek food.

Perhaps that’s why I sought out Georgia’s Gyros for an early dinner the other night. I’d been meaning to get over to the North Little Rock eatery for some time, and for once I had that perfect combination of time, money and gas to get there.

You enter Georgia’s on the right… one door in, one door out. Seat yourself. Take in the strange mix of Greek posters and American beer signs and a menu that’s already on the table. Don’t worry, you’ll find the gyro you seek on the menu… eventually.



On a whim, when my waitress came out to greet me I asked for a chocolate milkshake ($3.59 for chocolate, vanilla or strawberry). Yes, it’s not my usual iced tea but it looked good on the menu and gave me time to peruse things and figure out what I wanted to do.

She brought me back a glass of water and took my order. It took perhaps six minutes for my shake, and boy… that’s a shake. It came out with a thick head of very creamy whipped topping and already had a straw standing in the middle. And it was straw-flattening thick -- as in you flatten the straw when you try to suck through it. Very rich with a whole lot of chocolate syrup.


I’d ordered one of my favorite Greek items, the Spanikopita ($3.49). A single right angle of layered pastry was delivered to the table along with a cup of tzatziki sauce. The sauce was very thick and loaded with onion bits. The spanikopita itself was loaded with spinach and a thin layer of Feta. It looked a little flat, but that might have had more to do with the dimensions. It’s about five inches along the long edge. Tasty.


And then… my gyro. I’d ordered The Original ($6.29). That’s just the sandwich -- fries or onion rings are $1.99 more. The pita-bound sandwich was wrapped tightly, but I had to get a look inside. Lots of meat in there, that beef-lamb loaf we’ve all become familiar with. There’s a lot of meat, not a lot of tomatoes or onions, and a nicely modulated amount of tzatziki sauce. The pita was nice and thick and soft. A nice sandwich.

The only oddity to me was that my milkshake far outlasted my meal. Well, there you go, a thick shake just lasts longer.

Georgia’s Gyros also offers a one pound burger, lots of salads and sandwiches, and a Mediterranean Sampler ($9.99) that puts a whole lot of favorites together like hummus, olives tzatziki, pepperoni peppers, spanikopita, tomatoes and pitas and whathaveyou together. Definitely what I want to get next time.

You’ll find Georgia’s Gyros at the Lakewood Shopping Center in North Little Rock, across the street from TGIFriday’s and towards the end where the theater is located. The restaurant opens at 11am every day except Sunday. For more information, check out the website or call (501) 753-5090.


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