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I have been meaning to get back to Stuttgart for a while now.  I was a bit surprised to discover the other day that it's been two years since I got down that way.  I decided when other plans fell through this morning that I'd head down that way and stop in at Little Chef for lunch.

Well, progress sure blows things up, doesn't it?  At first I thought maybe I'd made a mistake and went on past it, but when I turned around I discovered that the location of the little restaurant that could is now the scene of construction for a new overpass.

One of my Facebook fans, Kimberly Eden, passed along that Little Chef was originally going to relocate, but that the owner passed away from cancer before the plan could come to fruition.  That's a shame.  Darn fine eating.

Another popular place to the east of us, Ms. Lena's Pie Shop, is currently closed and not offering those decadently crusted fried pies.  This saddens me in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

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